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The breathe of weightlessness

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    May it be anything better than waking up from sunny rays, coming through weightless curtains? To feel warm wooden surface with your feet, to meet morning in the kitchen flooded with light and to enjoy the fairy panorama of coming into life day? We decided to present the very same mood for our new interior design, created for a light one-room apartment.

    “The breathe of weightlessness” project – is a combination of fragility, freshness, and weightlessness. It is the strive for saving lightness of space, unobtrusively filling it with sweet for your heart things. You may equally spend your time with a book, cuddling on a cosy sofa in the living room, or have a hearty supper with your close friends at the wide dinner table.

    The interior does not have random things. Its each detail is meant to give the feeling of space and surround with cosy family warmth.


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