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Functional space

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    Art-i-Chok studio presents design, which creates tendencies and comfort of living. This modern flat, which design combines contemporary and loft, is situated in Pechersk region of Kiev. The status of apartment is highlighted by natural materials and art-objects, without which the clients cannot imagine their living comfortable.
    Our customers: a young family of 4 members: parents and their two baby fidgets. For the parents style, comfort, safety of children were the most important; for the children – open space. We combined their wishes into a new design, particularly paying attention to laconic soft forms of separately standing furniture units and zoning. Lamps of simple geometric forms (from NEMO (living room) and Delta Light companies (hall, kitchen) are gently integrated and harmoniously fill the space with light).

    Living room, dining room and kitchen are all placed in one space, both comfortable for children’s playing, and for calm watching TV or holiday dinner.

    The convenience of cooking is provided by simple and laconic kitchen furniture of ASTER factory, as well as well-planned functional and its filling. The strictness of kitchen furniture forms let add space and light to a small kitchen room.
    Hall is separated from living room with decorative bulkhead made from oak wood, consisting of multitude of vertical bulks, setting the rhythm of movement. In the hall there is a closet, which resembles a glass cube, minimalistic, but highly functional in filling a closet.
    The abundance of wooden details in decoration provides the house with warmth and comfort. The combination of wood and smoky matte surfaces – adds respectability. Calming feelings are highlighted by soft furniture of muted tones, textile elements and “enveloping” zonal light. The pictures of popular Ukrainian artist Aleksandr Dobrodii, on the contrary – became bright, juicy highlight in the design of every room.

    Bathroom brings into life the idea of functional comfort: only utility and minimum of details. For tactile along with visual enjoy we have used Venis park (Spain) tile. The owners of the flat happily announced that “wavy pattern” of the walls gives birth to associations, connected only with seaside recreation. And if our clients can really feel relaxed at home, then we as designers have made our work right: have listened to, created a proper project and followed its realization.

    Art-i-Chok designers bring only joy into your house!

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