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Colorful experiment

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    Creative soul does not accept boring decisions. And if the whole family of creative personalities lives in one flat – you cannot get along with experiments in design! Starting them, the “Art-i-Chok” studio team was betting on coziness, creativity, aesthetics, and preserving the interests of each member of the family. As a result we got the interior, which never stops inspiring its owners and boggling the imagination of guests.

    Several directions intertwined harmoniously in the design of a flat from Staronavodnitskaya street. Stylized Victorian furniture looks great on a background of bright wall in a high-tech style, and the original loft lamps provide special charm both to bedrooms, and water-closets or halls. The link between all the rooms – is a big quantity of wooden surfaces, and great variety of décor stuff. Each of them – is not just an original thing. It is a hint, reminiscence or emotion, which unite family into a coherent whole. 

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