Summer garden cafe

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    To be able to dive into summer, you don’t have to buy airplane ticket. Sometimes it is enough to drink coffee in atmospheric restaurant, with tables drowning in the greenery, and warm sun basking on a wooden floor. 

    In “Summer garden” restaurant, decorated by “Art-i-Chok” studio, there is no bad weather. Here time flows slowly, letting to enjoy the rest in cozy Victorian arm-chairs, and to relax in the shades of evergreen plants. This is a small island of strained luxury in the roaring world of ambition and perfect technologies.

    The highlight of the restaurant – is big panoramic windows, which give marvelous alive landscapes. Playing this highlight, we did not only provide the opportunity to enjoy these views during the dinner, but used open shelves for zoning, creating the minimum of obstacles for natural lightning.

    “Summer garden” restaurant – is a place, where classics meets modernity, creating the atmosphere of easiness and comfort. 

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