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The convent of creativity

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    Light and mirrors, gloss and loft, dreaminess and painstaking work – here, under the light of soffits and with the eyes of adoring public, the style is born. Beginning with drawings and dress-patterns, it gets the shape with the help of sewing machines, to find it among the first viewers.

    The show room of clothing factory was meant to be elegant and slightly futuristic. Meanwhile, each detail of its interior says it is not a place to relax; it is a convent of creativity. When leaving the threshold, you may find real workshop, where real silk flows under thin needle, where warm wool fits the tailor’s dummies and sparkling buttons dance on the floor.

    But there is no need to bother masters. Stay here, in convenient arm-chairs, and enjoy the results of their fragile work, hidden from prying eyes. Watching the models on a glittering podium, value the eye catching combination of fabrics, daring tailoring, and successful decisions. Enjoy creative atmosphere of the room, walk along the spacious hall, each corner of which is lighted with original chandelier and unusual lamps. Stand at the tailor’s dummies with ready-made dresses and mentally transmit them into the great world. Can you feel the harmony? Then welcome into a cozy lounge zone: while drinking coffee masters are ready to discuss all the propositions and share their creativity!

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