Prosecco Bar

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    The studio’s task was very simple – to create a place impossible to pass-by. Food-court areas in shopping malls are the most visited places, hence for the reason of huge competition among them a customer makes a decision basing on the intuitive impulse generated with attractive design and unusual solutions.

     Prosecco Bar look directly links to the enterprise subject: the design outplays air bubbles going up in a glass of sparkling wine. Light glass balls are put at thin chrome twigs and create a full illusion of prosecco, light, refreshing, challenging. Due to the mild backlight the “bubbles” of sparkling wine glimmer gracefully supplementing additional touch to the general picture of rest and relax.

     Streamlined bar shape was selected on purpose - Prosecco Bar is at the transport routs cross-road: not far from parking, opposite to shops entrance, at the escalator to the first floor. To make the access for clients easier the decision was taken to create a radical bar which did not “ruin” mechanical trajectory but easy fit into its curve.

     Additional bonus – the bar shape allows to place comfortably the maximum number of visitors with stand alone tables as possible option.

     Radius sofas organically copy the bar. Instead of armrests – unusual recesses for placing bags with purchases. Well-thought-out trifles are dictated with love to a client and desire to ensure maximum comfortable rest.

     In front of sofas stylish chairs are placed (copyright Gaidaienko Oksana, Art-i-Chok Studio). Unusual look attracts attention at the distance, causing desire to visit and have a rest after long-lasting shopping. Elegant and graceful, they prepossess to full relaxation with a glass of cold prosecco.

    Author: Oksana Gaidaenko, Oleksii Neschadym , Sergey Sunko

    Studio: Art-i-Chok

    Nomination: Retail Space And Catering Enterprises Interior

    Contacts: +380679369930, +380974371227



    Project title: Prosecco bar

    Square: 100 sq. m.

    Time and place for project implementation: 2016, Kyiv

    Photographer: Serhey Savchenko

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