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Multifaceted minimalism: life in a big city

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    To see the harmony in brevity, totally subordinating the space and discovering rich philosophy of simple things – this is all about minimalism. Designing the apartment in Sky Line complex for a family of business-like and purposeful people, we tried to create a simple interior with meaningful content.

    The interior of apartment fully reflects the life of a big city. Its rhythm is resembled in color scheme, furniture and lightning stuff. It is filled with air, energy, and bright accents. Its motto is – nothing redundant! Here sincerity, freedom, and private time are appreciated, and that is why functional austerity is dominated everywhere: nothing should occupy useful area. Instead of decorative carpets – there are warm wooden floors, instead of numerous furniture – light and space, instead of rich décor – luxurious panoramas viewing the city, stretching at the very feet. Here is a simple world with simple rules – where everything is real. 

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