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Morning coolness

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    To feel the inspiration every day and to meet every morning with new forces, it is enough to get rid of all the things you do not need. To broaden the space around you, filling it with harmony and sense, to vanish in the unbearable lightness of being, feeling freedom, and peace of mind. And you have to start with your own house – a quiet harbor, where the trip into life starts, and where all the roads come back.

    Into the development of interior concept for a small family we have put not only inspiration, but also a part of our soul. Having chosen Scandinavian style as a basic, we used its best characteristics: white and azure blue shades, warm wood, cozy textile. And the most important – provided absolute domination of natural light, which gets through panorama windows, without meeting obstacles.

    In spite of restraint and aristocratic brevity, interior is full of details, which make it interesting and alive: transparent partition, as if touched with snowy frost-dew, the ceiling of wooden balks, contrast futuristic chandeliers. Fragile, light, and airy, this interior turned out to be incredibly holistic and romantic.  

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