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Beyond fashion and time

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    Luxury, harmony and elegance in each detail – this is modern classics. It does not bear contempt, but surrounds with exquisiteness, helping to value the tardiness of being in the constant flow of modern events. This style has become ideal for a family, in which everyone has already found its place in life and has learned to value the most important.

    Our project of classical interior – is a tribute to the best traditions and ode to good taste. It does not grow old with years, does not overload with details and does not lose its actuality. It does not oblige, but breeds the sense of beauty and teaches to keep its standards. We tried to create the atmosphere, where family breakfasts are valued, where there is always time to speak over, and the guests are never a burden. This is a harbor, around which the world spins round, not disturbing its inner perfection.

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