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Marshmallow fairy-tale

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    Do you know where the princesses live? Of course, in a magic fairy-tale! The place where the crowns of fairy trees press the shining clouds, with the emerald green grass under the feet, and the rare birds hidden in the waves. We have seen the spacious room in such a way, where we have tried to make the childish dreams come true.

    So that the small hostess could always find an occupation at home, we have arranged the creative zone for drawing and music lessons, have prepared the corner for recreation and the place for entertainment. And as no kingdom can be without high towers, we have built even two of them! One of them keeps safely toys and other girlish treasures, and in the second one the real boudoir is hidden for keeping heavenly beauty.

    If the growing princess wants changes, it is enough just to change the colour of the walls, so that the space was shining different colours.


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