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Ampir - showroom of moulded decor

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    The main aim for the designers of Art-i-Chok studio to tackle – is to create harmonious showrooms of décor boutique "Ampir" to demonstrate the maximum quantity of possibilities for use of ORAC Décor polyurethane moulding (Belgium). Besides, the work was meant to need zoning of the working places in several directions right in the frames of the showrooms.  
    For the visualization of proposed variants of polyurethane materials three showrooms decorated with the most various designing elements were provided with the equal use of pargeting, moulding, and faсade decoration. The most difficult task was successfully realized – to present the client the informative and vivid variety of possibilities of the material in the easiest and clearest form.  
    Working places are placed precisely inside the showrooms being at the same time the part of exposition of showrooms themselves. The places for working with the clients, lounge zones, tables for negotiations and discussions of orders are provided. The specific feature of the project all “technical points” are designed totally in the general style of boutique of moulding decor, and, being the part of the compositional decision of the shop, they are organically introduced into the space design.
    Relatively small area includes various absolutely harmoniously arranged examples of polyurethane materials use, including the ideas of its usage both in modern, and in traditional and classical interiors, variants of painting and combination. Small fragments are easily scaled proportionally for big areas, which is the very idea of sales.
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    Our general task was to demonstrate all the possibilities of the creative application of polyurethane moldings Orac decor in the new Ampir showroom, and also to zone working space in several directions. We have shown the maximum number of uses of the polyurethane material, the variety of ideas for its applications in modern and traditionaly classical interiors, incredible examples of painting. Variety of Ideas for using in interiors is so huge that a small fragment can be scaled to large spaces, which, in fact, is the idea of ​​sales.

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