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Atmospheric Minimalism

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    How to combine a stylish modern design and a cozy atmosphere – the exact answer comes from apartment designed for 4-people family, young parents of active children.

    Apartment interior planned as an open space with purity in lines, obtrusiveness in forms and visual lightness in shapes as main characteristics.

    Due to neat combination of wood and smoky glossy surfaces, the interior looks warm, cozy and respectable at the same time.

    Living room is combined with dining room; at the same time, there is a possibility to separate them visually with the help of sliding easy-transformed system (LONGHI). Laconic in design furniture (HULSTA) take out loading from the interior, hiding all excessive details in thoroughly checked shapes and proportions.

    We made our choice for RATIONAL furniture for kitchen – this solution allows not only confirm the interior laconism, but also ensure maximum comfort and functionality.

    The bedroom is in a modern style with some elements from classics and independent minimalism. Cabinet furniture (HULSTA) accent interior’s graphics and harmonicity.

    Bathroom ensures the atmosphere of functional comfort with minimum details. Furniture is of SDON (Italy) manufacture, tiles – PORCELANOSA (Spain).

    Well-designed room lightning – all lamps are of simple geometry, looks organic in the interior. Lamps of VIBIA (living room ), Delta Light (bathroom, hall, kitchen), Artemida (dining-room) are of the optimum choice.

    In apartment design the preference shown to the spirit of minimalism, though elements of other styles are used boldly. As a result efficient style combination stresses the project integrity.

    Author: Bielousova Inna, designer, director

    Studio: Art-i-Chok

    e-mail: info@art-i-chok.com.ua

    Web-site: https://www.art-i-chok.com.ua/

    Square: 130,26 sq. m.

    Time and place for project implementation: 2016, Kyiv, Nikolsky Grad Housing Association.

    Photographer: Serhii Savchenko

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