NARIKELA hookah-bar

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    NARIKELA hookah-bar was created as a stylish conceptual resting-place for those who love having entertainments in smoke, meetings with friends, long-lasting evening gatherings with light music and easy talks.

    The first specific about the project was limitation in budget – Art-i-Chok studio’s generated interior solutions were restricted with certain numbers impossible to exceed. This condition set the selection of different materials, decoration elements and designs.

    The other peculiar thing – very tight implementation period. the studio had only 25 days in total for all stages – from the order acquisition till the object final commissioning. At the record time limits the studio managed to create a quality design, select materials and bring into life that conceived, and what is more – exactly as it was planned initially.

    The hookah-bar interior combines all elements character to loft: metal racks, open air conditioning and ventilation systems, bare surfaces of textured bricks.

    Neat synthetic threads were used for smoking areas zoning. Unexpected creative solution made it possible to divide visually the premises into fragments and emphasize a very unique atmosphere of the hookah-bar. The loft rules standing in the maximum possible open space but allowing light semitransparent partitions in this case were not only ruined but successfully used.

    Metal sets create certain tempo and rhythm of the premises, defining tonality of the whole bar: the space is dynamic but tranquil, splashy but cozy, ambitious but chamber. Light industrial features of the interior, moderate colour palette with no bight splashes, original zoning – an exclusive interior of NARIKELA hookah-bar transfers a modern mood of relaxation, emphasizes the feel of unlimited freedom, suggests to make a comfort pause between the daily routine tasks which a megalopolis life puts to a human.

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