The rhythms of onyx

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    It took four months for the authors to make the development of the project, and its realisation took about a year. Neoclassicism, bordering with minimalism was chosen as a style for the project, and the main material, which set the tone of the whole project was this natural stone.

    One of the main and difficult tasks the architects faced with was to harmoniously integrate the onyx slabs of 130x260 cm in size into the space of the living room and swimming pool. By the way, this very mineral has determined the color palette of all the rooms. For example, bedroom was designed in calm and tender pinkish-brown shades, home cinema hall - in red-brown, and living room – in warm caramel-brown shades. Besides, in different places one can find honey, dark brown, yellowish-white, pinkish and brown-yellow hints of a beautiful natural material with characteristic multicolored layers, which makes the project look harmoniously and  holistically.  

    The house consists of three floors. The ground floor has a majestic drawing room with a luxurious chandelier from Italian RDV Renzo Del Ventisette factory, going to the ceiling
    by massive pylons and Greek fresco, which can be seen behind the sofa. In day time this space is filled with sunlight dew to two stained glass windows, placed one opposite another. The staircase made of American walnut solid wood, arranged on the first floor, leads to the private zone of owners.  On the basement floor there are billiard room, wine cellar and home cinema, designed in a strict yacht style. Pleasant impressions from watching can be guaranteed by woolen carpet with soft fibers, fabric wall panels, cosy arm-chairs and dim light. For a pool, hammam and sauna a separate building was chosen.

    Beautiful pine forest, surrounding the house led to the decision to create eight meter window, which lets admire this natural wonder. And the strive of the owner of entire comfort provided for arrangement of spacy and light house with the latest technology that was realized by the experienced Art-i-Chok specialists.


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  • Living room

  • Kitchen

  • Home cinema

  • Wine cellar

  • SPA zone and swimming pool

  • Study

  • Bedroom

  • Bathroom

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