Yorkton in Green Hills

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    A young couple with a child addressed to make a dream of English style cottage come true – a gentle sofa, a fireplace, a cup of hot tea, an atmosphere of warm and cozy. A model project Green-Hills – Yorkton was correctly transformed into a modern, respectable, restrained house with decoration elements distinctive for good old England.

    Difficult tasks were solved during designing:  in accordance with the customer wishes the standard design should be presented in a completely different variant – fresh, youth, adopted to the modern needs. The specific coldness of colonial English style should be softened to eliminate the hints of cabinet severity, but at the same time general mood of British classics should be preserved.

    Veneered panels became a successful solution. Initially the idea was to use them for bringing modernity in the design (caissons in the hall at the ground floor became the good example how to use conventional material in a n unconventional manner). But the other, secondary, task was also solved – to make interior resistant and reliable in use (a little child lives in the house).

    Three variants of “island” kitchen were presented to future hosts. In all cases the center was light furniture GEDCUCINE – it greatly fitted into the countryside house atmosphere and ideally complimented to the interior. Clear separation of the kitchen and the dinning-room, lights at the bar, big window which provides good daylight – it is easy to feel the spirit of a family place, thoroughness and reliability.

    To dilute the colonial traditions in the interior the designs of home theater and child room are performed in the art-deco style, which clearly coincides with the customer wishes to make the cottage more modern. Light, pastel colours are in the premises, the main accent is directed at minimalism in decoration and set up.

    Mild, curvy lines were used to create easy and unobtrusive atmosphere in the bedroom. Stylish ceiling lamp perfectly combined with real chandeliers. Double Ferretti e Ferretti bed successfully marked with white nightstands. Nature motives are widely used in decoration which ensures hints of romantic elegance to the area.

     Bathrooms are decorated with reasonable possible chick. The walls are decorated with luxury grey tiles Atlas Concorde Marvel Pro – thin white streaks at noble marble. Mirrored shelving for towels and trifles – a specific accent justifying coziness and functional forethought.

    In the countryside there were created the cottage apartments filled with maximum comfort and modern London mansion atmosphere. Spacious light rooms designed with straight lines. Furniture of natural oak and veneered wall panels create the premises general character, bringing full perception of reliability, continuity, and durability.

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