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Provence in the City

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    Executing “Provence in the city” Art-i-Chok studio oriented on organic combination of the needs from all members of the family in one flat. This is the apartment for 4 people whose lifestyle is a constant move, maximum involvement into each other interests and common pastime.

    The general premises stylistics is Provence: natural wood (oak) is used for decoration, the colour palette – naturally warm, slightly soft. The furniture is mainly made of wood, it is functional, simple and natural. The space is not overloaded with odd details – due to minor elements the holistic picture is synergic and integral.

    The living-room and kitchen create one space with someone constant presence in there. – children are playing, parents having rest after hard working day, numerous pets live common life with the family. This is the main part of the apartment, that is why it has the biggest square – children master-classes, meetings with friends, and family dinners are organized there. The wall is decorated with Kyiv artist Oleksandr Dobrodii painting, comfort is ensured with Ditre sofa, lightning in the living room – Nemo, under the dining table – Karman factory. Aster kitchen furniture set Aster, table and TV pedestal - Cattelan Italia.

    The bedroom is designed with soft mild tones – natural tints the atmosphere is calm, light and warm.

    The boy’s room is minimal in size but functional – every piece of the space is well designed in terms of rationality, comfort, and utility. The big window guarantees natural light and fills the space with the air, space and freedom.

    The girl’s room is designed in the same style as the rest of the apartment, but, as well as the brother’s room, is complimented with loft elements. The furniture in both rooms (racks and tables) are from Am Classic factory (Portugal).

    Bathrooms are laconic, functional, easy and comfort. The space is minimalistic, tile is of hexahedron form patchwork stylized, brings certain dynamics into a small space and follows the interior general direction.

    The living space is free of cases which covered at hidden corners of the apartment. They are moved into wardrobes – such decision gives possibility to the hosts to keep order in the apartment very easy.

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