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Interior design of the restaurant

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Secret of success and prosperity for your establishment is found!

Do you have a dream to open your own bar, restaurant or café? Or do you wish to improve an already existing establishment by making it really unique?

Your establishment will become attractive to visitors if you work well on a menu, if you hire professional and experienced staff, if you create a good reputation and sympathy among your potential clients. But there is one more highly important thing. It will create an ideal atmosphere in you establishment and bring you profit. And that is a bar-restaurant interior design.

Every visitor pays for the atmosphere. Delicious dishes, interesting drinks and a good service – all of these things are highly important, but that is not enough. People can have their meal at home, but in cafes and restaurants they are searching an esthetic satisfaction for their souls and a beautiful environment.

Carefully made and developed design-project of a café, bar or a restaurant is half of your success, or even more. Make your establishment stylish and attractive and you will soon find your grateful clients!

Decoration matters!

Today rest and entertainment industry is developing fast and dynamic. So every day new establishments appear as fresh mushrooms after a summer rain. But not all of these places become successful. Lack of good taste and ordinary interior, made on a pattern with routine approach – is owners’ common mistake. As a result of attempt to save time afterwards they lose money and clients.

But this is not a “result” you want to reach? If you want your place to share joy and good mood with your guests, you should put a special accent on the interior design. And soon you will have lots of guests who choose exactly your place to spend an evening with company of cheerful friends or loving family. After all you always want to come back to a place with good and pleasant atmosphere!

The most important – carefully thought over and developed stylistic line of the establishment, according to the requirements of comfort, sense of measure, propriety in design of café bars. And the best solution is to ask professionals to do this part. Professionals who have many years of experience, great taste and lots of successful projects. «Art-i-Chok» company – best option for those who want to be on top. If you want prosperity for your place – “Atr-i-Chok” company is your choice.

Why «Art-i-Chok»?

Our team consists of real professional. We already provided our services to lots of clients and all of them are highly satisfied by results.

Complex approach, attention to customer’s least requirements, creativity and accuracy in terms of work – that is out style. We do not just make a design – we make atmosphere!

You are interested what services «Art-i-Chok» provides in a sphere of design and decoration?

We provide following to our customers:

  • Interior design of restaurants;
  • Design of cafes;
  • Design of youth cafes;
  • Design of café-bars.

In a design-project of café or in a design of restaurant’s interior we combine practicality, pragmatism and original creation. Thanks to «Art-i-Chok» company your place will be attractive, memorable and will soon become very popular.

Any kind of service – design-project for a restaurant, decorating summer or youth café, creating an unforgettable interior and pleasant atmosphere in a bar – all of these you will find here.

Call us today, make your establishment even more popular and profitable than it is now!

(044) 451 85 46

(097) 437 12 27

(067) 936-99-30

Our address: 16B Lavrskaya street, Kiev, Ukraine

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