Interior design studio “Art-i-Chok”: it is important not only to build a house, but to settle it with comfort


The main principle of “Art-i-Chok” is to create comfort and harmony. Our company provides high-quality, unique and stylish interior design in Kyiv. To make your dwelling a cherished dream with a calm and relaxed atmosphere, it has to be designed and decorated by professionals. At the same time, professional input will allow to avoid multiple, often hidden and insignificant mistakes, that will be very hard and complicated to fix in future.


Professionals from Interior Design Studio "Art-i-Chok" know how the interior of an apartment or any other premises should look like. We are refining  constantly our skills and keeping up with new trends in the world of interior fashion. That’s why we can advise how not to get lost in the sea of wide selection of styles, trends and fashions. We can provide assistance and support to those who hesitate, can’t decide or, even doesn’t know where to start such an important task as the home interior design.


Our interior designers in Kyiv will also help when  a client has a ready project and needs only its competent implementation. Fresh view and professional approach are the main conditions in creating a unique image of your dwelling and its exclusive atmosphere.


What a client wants

All our clients want only one thing – to create an interior of apartment, house or office in accordance with their desires and dreams. We ask often "What do you want to see your house or working space in the office look like?" And advise not to be in a hurry with the answer. It is very important not only to settle the dwelling following the latest fashion trends which a modern interior design in Kyiv may suggest. They have tendency to change, dictate other laws and standards, often drastically opposite to the previous ones. And your surrounding will be with you much longer than capricious and uncertain fashion. That is why it is very important to create in there such atmosphere which can evoke only positive emotions. So that you come back not in a fashionably decorated box, but in a matrimonial hearth settled with love and care.


We orient ourselves in modern tendencies of decoration, finishing, and design and at times participate in their creation, but we advise all the time to our clients not to hasten follow with all new, popular and relevant things suggested today by interior design in Kyiv. Listen to yourself, to your desires and priorities; they are very different after all. We give opportunity to our clients to get acquainted with different trends in design and clarify themselves with preferences. Some clients like dynamic and bright art deco or stylish and enriched with different finishing materials combination high-tech. And someone feels attraction to ageless classics or austere minimalism.


And one should not be afraid the chosen stylistic course will not be in trend. Our specialists can adjust any decoration to modern sounding. The mainstream direction activity of our design-studio in Kyiv is individual approach to every client which gives us possibility to receive full understanding not only of what the person wants but also to know his/her character, peculiarities in the way of his/her thinking and attitude to life. This helps to full extend implement in future design the individual peculiarities of the owner and make his/her dwelling maximum comfort for the particular person.

At initial stages of our work we take into account all demands and desires of a customer, creating integral picture of future project design and choosing practical decision of every its stage maximum undertime. Home design we discuss on a two-way approach basis and constantly make corrections. And only after mutual agreement between the customer and our specialist we start to work.


We create not only designer layouts of an apartment, a house or an office. We present comfort and peace of mind, we create such custom-built interior design which allows to take pleasure with surrounding environment and decoration.


Interior Design-Studio "Art-i-Chok" – is a professional approach, quality in implementation, short terms and reasonable price.


Our capabilities

While designing living quarters or non-residential premises one can come across with series of problems of judicial and legal character. Specialists of our studio will help you with solving a number of issues, such as:

  • apartments and other premises replanning;
  • any kind of replanning legitimation;
  • any kind of replanning implementation; design, architectural and remote designing;
  • consulting specialist services;
  • interior design in Kyiv consultations and services;
  • partial progress follow-on;
  • selection and delivery of materials, furniture, décor, and lightning;
  • putting order for producing masterpieces to real masters or performing artistic painting;
  • repair and civil works;
  • finished project animation.


If a client wants to put an order for apartment interior design, we absolutely pay his/her attention on some issues related to replanning. It is very important especially if the internal premises boundaries where changed. There are certain norms and regulations violating of which is inapplicable not only in terms of legislation, but in terms of lodger safety as well.


We try to draw one's attention on these issues in order to avoid in future problems with registration documents, testament or gift certificate, as well as purchase and sale transactions. At that we can prepare a set of necessary documentation making performed replanning legal.


Starting communicating with any client we suggest follow-on service which can help control accuracy in performing scheduled works as well as avoid fatal errors which will be very difficult or even impossible correct in future.


Our specialists can do apartment design in Kyiv and far away its boundaries. Besides, we can select suitable furniture, décor, decoration and lightning for a ready design. We cooperate with the best suppliers and can significantly save client's time and nerves with providing product catalogues. This is a wide selection with no limits plus assistance in selecting full set of furniture and lightning.


Cooperation with our company will be beneficial for those clients who do not want or do not have opportunity to order premises design in Kyiv in full scope. Our specialist will give necessary thorough consultations which let to solve any issue at any stage of work implementation. This makes cooperation with us more fruitful and cost-effective.


For those clients who want to see beforehand a 3-D interior design of apartment, house or office we suggest a finished project animation. You can be inside a future house or apartment, correct something or add even at the stage of designing.


And as a pleasant addition we can suggest you an offer of design services pre-calculation, which can be accessible on our web-site. You can calculate the work pricing depending on the square meters. With that calculator service is available at any convenient time, even at night.


Rely on professionals

Our company experience allows not only create high-quality projects of interior designs of apartment. We work with people who want to make their dwelling unique, notable, pretty, and cozy. That is why our task is to assist clients in clarifying themselves with choice considering all their desires and preferences.


Speaking about a choice – that might be very uneasy. New tendencies in interior design of apartment in Kyiv constantly suggest new ideas which they want to implement. We assist to interlace them optimally with the existing reality – premises dimensions and peculiarities of planning. We also assist with selecting of most prioritized stylistic tendencies for future interior. And certainly one can do nothing without a specialist in case of shifting or mixing different styles and their elements. In other case you take a risk to receive diametrically opposite result such as aversion or irritation about interior or its elements.


It is not easy to orient in wide selection of modern building materials. Technology development suggests novelties for finishing walls, floors, and ceilings, building materials with improved characteristics. In order to make choice in this or that particular case what materials suit and what to deny – our designer of apartment in Kyiv can tell all that. "Art-i-Chok" studio specialists will also assist to reduce expenses for some materials suggesting good alternative for them.


We suggest to our clients services of repair-and-building teams – approved and experienced people, who recommended themselves as good professionals. Our specialists know how to work with lay-outs and reflect minor nuances of decoration with jewelry accuracy. After all it is very important so that designer's ideas and customer's desires can be implemented according to preliminary arrangement. Teams can perform full cycle from beginning till the end. Or some particular finishing works according to wishes and capabilities of a customer. We guarantee quality and accuracy in terms of implementation.


On studio web-site one can get acquainted with projects, interior design of apartments and houses were elaborated and already implemented by our specialists. You can see in your own eyes work of company "Art-i-Chok" designers and constructors.

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